The Sale to Remunerate, All to Know About This Practice

In the field of real estate, many practices make it possible to make profits on the short as well as the long-term. It is the case for example of the sale to remunerate which allows the salesman to sell a good under certain conditions while preserving certain rights. To learn more about this practice, we advise you to read the details of the site.

What is the sale for consideration ?

In a few words, it is a practice that consists of finding a buyer through real estate agencies to sell him a property.  My Legacy is the best platform to better understand this practice. But it doesn’t stop there. In order for the process to be completely transparent, a notary is needed to advise the seller of the property and to estimate the purchase and resale price of the property. 

Indeed, once the owner sells his property, he still has some rights on it and he can buy it back after a certain period. Once the process is successful, the original owner becomes a tenant and the new owner pays a certain amount of money to the new buyer each month. 

What are the benefits to you ?

The interest-bearing sale allows the owner to obtain significant financing on a property he or she owns. It allows people in debt to obtain enough money in a short period of time to buy back their property once their financial problems are resolved.

What are the consequences of the interest-bearing sale ? 

The sale of remuneration has advantages for both parties, but there are also disadvantages. First, if the owner who has become a tenant is unable to raise the money in time to buy back the property, he or she loses all rights to the property. This loss can be considered twofold, because in addition to losing the property, the buyer has also lost the initial money that allowed him to acquire the property.

If you are a real estate owner, you can go through a fee-based sale to make a profit in a short period of time.